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Vista Tronics is a one-stop-shop for electronics repair. We are a customer-focused professional IT service provider. We specialize in cell phone, tablet and computer repair of all major brands available in US (Samsung, Apple, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, etc.). We are fully equipped to do comprehensive diagnostics and complete repair electronic devices with fastest turnaround possible. Save your time and money. Take your problems to an experienced professional who would tell you what is really going on and inform you, maybe even educate a little. Information is power. You should talk to a specialist excited about his job, someone who can give you realistic options. Innovation – introduction of something new, and we have created innovative method of delivery of cost effective professional quality service that outmatch existing standard of care. We have a successful business model. We recently established in Arizona and we are proud and happy to serve our Phoenix residents.

Benefits for everybody

  • We offer highest quality service to all our clients
  • Lifetime warranty on original parts, up to 90 days on aftermarket parts and labor
  • We believe that both positive and negative feedback helps us get better and improve ourselves and customer care.
  • Quality control – we test all out work before we return product to our customers.

Pricing policy
There is a benefit to our services because of our competitive pricing policy. We took steps to keep lowest price tags for our products and services, and lower everyone’s risk. Our prices allow people to fully restore old cell phones and significantly extend its life.

  • Replacement parts cost is low, because of our relations with wholesale vendors.
  • Labor cost is low, because we know what to do, we fix it once and we work fast.
  • Our overall cost is low, because we don’t have secondary expenses or franchise obligations that would force us to charge our customers more money for services.
  • We have no hidden charges, no hassle, and no subscriptions.
  • If you have a brand new phone to fix, you shouldn’t be afraid because genuine replacement parts go down in prices every day.
  • We also offer discounts for minor repairs like charging port repair

Comprehensive diagnostic
We can quote you repair cost over the phone or via email. We are familiar with the way devices act, so we can inform our customers on what to expect when they come in.

For example, your iPhone 6 has a black screen and doesn’t respond. Unless it is a power related issue that type of problem can be determined through direct examination, we would have to open and test current flow through capacitors, semiconductors, connectors. We do our job really well, we don’t ever damage device housing, so there is no concern if there would be any plastic squeaking sound after we put everything back together.
We support privacy
We do such as data transfer between devices, we make backups and assist in data recovery, however we never hold on to customer data.

Is it true that water damage is not the end
Many shops claim to restore tablets and cell phones from water damage, but we do it right. We recondition and remodel devices after water damage, clean up salts and refurb boards at low cost. You need to beware of predatory business. Ask your cellular technician this question “are you going to use a heat gun on my phone?” If his answer is “yes”, you probably should look for a different store and specialist to restore your device. Because that technician just wants to dry your phone with an industrial heat guns that has no temperature control. As result of “extreme heat” (about 100 degrees Celsius) LCD display will dim or get black spots, chips can overheat and either burn out or slow down its performance. You would be better off if you left your device open and let it dry for a few hours.

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